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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Really, really, random...

Why is it that every time I get a haircut, it takes about a week for it to settle down? I have a hard time getting it to style the way I want for the first several days after a cut. Is it upset? Is it grieving its loss? Is it me? Do I suddenly lose the ability to style my hair?

How did I get this weird bruise on the top of my foot? Now, I bruise pretty easily. And I regularly end up with lots of random leg bruises, thanks to public transit -- the drivers have an uncanny knack for pulling away from the curb just as I get near a seat, ensuring that I'll get slammed into the seat. It's so fun. But I don't remember dropping anything on my foot to cause this rather large bruise...

The thing about that pasta dish I made? Even though I cut the ingredients by about a third (on my second attempt, with all of the correct ingredients), I ended up with enough food to feed a small army. Or me, when I'm PMSing. But I'm not. So I've eaten some nearly every day this week. It's good, but, DUDE. ENOUGH already.

If all the drugs I'm currently taking are supposed to make me drowsy, why have I had so many fitful nights of sleep over the past week? I don't think I've slept all the way through even one night. Not even on the weekend. WTF? I. Need. Sleep.

What should I buy a friend for her bridal shower this weekend? She's pregnant with twins, but I want to get her something FOR HER.

Why isn't this week over yet?

At 16 March, 2006 10:45, Blogger Angela said...

that friend is registered at macy's...if you want to go that route...

At 16 March, 2006 14:02, Blogger Jon said...

Get her a gift certificate for a massage.

I'm thinking the restless sleep is due to a lack of sex. Go get some!!!

At 16 March, 2006 14:12, Blogger terry said...

ang, i actually checked her registry... and was kinda hoping to get her something a little more personal...but i dunno. hey, what DO pregnant women want? do you know any pregnant women who could answer that for me???
ha. hahaa.

jon, you're the second person to suggest a massage!
as for your other suggestion....uh, yeah. i'm sure you're right. but ain't nothing happening there!
story of my life.


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