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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I could never color inside the lines, either...

I'm wearing my favorite sweater today. (Yes, I know it's spring, but it sure doesn't feel like it. )

It's black, with a V-neck, and a faux-fur collar. Really cute. I love it, and not just because I got it for $17, during a mega day-after-Thanksgiving sale, though I DO love an amazing bargain, as you know.

That faux-fur collar is detachable, so you can wash the sweater without wrecking the collar, or spending money on dry cleaning.

Here's the problem: it takes forever to get the collar off, and even longer to get it back on. There are 15 small buttons you have to match up with 15 even smaller loops. It's a big pain in the ass, frankly, using my big fingers and big fingernails to get those small buttons through those small loops.

Once, I got down to the second-to-last button when I realized I'd skipped a loop... and had to start over almost at the beginning.

Last night, I got through all 15 loops when I realized I'd attached the collar UPSIDE DOWN. For a few minutes, I seriously contemplated just wearing it that way, but even I'm not that much of a dork.

I'd better get a compliment today, after all the effort I put into wearing this sweater...

UPDATED, 12:30pm: I did, indeed, just get a genuine compliment from someone who knew nothing of my wardrobe trials and tribulations. Whew.

At 21 March, 2006 21:11, Blogger Chelle said...

LOL dont you hate that?? Now that would seriously be somethig that I would do. But hey...I bet you looked simply mahvalous when you wore it!!! heheh

At 22 March, 2006 09:40, Blogger Jon said...

Sounds nice. I wanna see.


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