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Friday, March 17, 2006


My job is better on some days than others. Today, for example.

Esai Morales could not be more charming. Not to mention, hot.

I even got a little kiss on the hand when I walked him out.

Made this rough day a lot more tolerable, believe me.

At 17 March, 2006 13:35, Blogger Sassy Hair said...

I'm sorry, but why was Esai scheduled to come in on a day when I am not at work?

At 17 March, 2006 13:53, Blogger terry said...

because i wanted him all to myself.


At 17 March, 2006 18:26, Blogger DZER said...

oooh ... lucky, lucky you!!

esai is cool ... I'm glad you got to feast on him (with your eyes) ... how long till you wash that hand? LOL

At 17 March, 2006 21:16, Blogger terry said...

damn, i already washed my hand!

as i said... yummy.

At 18 March, 2006 21:23, Blogger sassinak said...

uh dude why does this man come to your work?

and can i have a job?

At 19 March, 2006 08:20, Blogger Jon said...

He looks like the guy in "Gotcha!" with Anthony Edwards and Linda Fiorentino back in the mid 80s? A true masterpiece, but I guess he wasn't in it.

The only thing I can remember him from is La Bamba.

Did that get you "excited" hun?

At 19 March, 2006 11:52, Blogger terry said...

sass, he came in to be hot. and charming. mission accomplished.

gee, jon, i've never even heard of that movie....!


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