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Friday, March 17, 2006


Seriously... I have no idea what the hell is wrong with Blogger these days. I don't know why my page is showing up all white, with all the sidebar stuff at the bottom.

I didn't do it!

Nor did I pull the plug to make it impossible to even see the damn thing.

Technology. Pheh.

At 17 March, 2006 17:43, Blogger truckdriver_sefl said...

I have been seeing the same thing it sucks!!!

At 17 March, 2006 18:26, Blogger DZER said...

blogger is only doing that to all the bad girls ... LOL

At 17 March, 2006 19:11, Blogger Michael B said...

i tried to check your blog this morning and it said something about some sort of bad file THEY had stored your stuff in and that they were transfering it to a good one which would take a while. just went on your site and it's back up and running. no worries!!!

At 17 March, 2006 21:16, Blogger terry said...

truckdriver, i'm with you! it sucks!

dz..hahahahahahaha. it's my dream to one day BE a bad girl.

michael, i finally found that same message... but even once my blog reappeared, it was allllll fucked up. looks normal now...

At 19 March, 2006 07:59, Blogger JMai said...

Your page always looks pink-and-white to me. And now the added benefit of Esai Morales. Yummy on a Sunday morning.

At 19 March, 2006 08:23, Blogger Jon said...

Apparently an entire server got corrupted at Blogger. People could access the "dashboard" but could not publish. I know one persono that just changed their URL which pushed it to a new server. Unfortunately everyone needs the new link. Oh well!

It's better than being on MySpace and having your account totally hacked. There is a huge rash of that going on.

At 19 March, 2006 11:28, Blogger Mike said...

Blogger has had its sheare of problems lately...and as far as myspace goes...who other than a teeny bopper wants an account there?

At 19 March, 2006 11:50, Blogger Chelle said...

Blogger sucked bad yesterday. But my patience prevailed and I got to post later!! It still sucks I coudlntupload pics! UGH

At 19 March, 2006 11:51, Blogger terry said...

jmai, i think esai cured what was ailing my blog. :)

jon, i couldn't even get to the dashboard most of the time. then all my links and archives weren't showing up. then the template went blank. really weird.

mike, i think it's a true statement about my age that i can't get into myspace...!

At 20 March, 2006 05:39, Blogger Madame X said...

My Space sux ass!!!

Just saying!

I think Blogger's back to "normal" now.

I was having serious withdrawal!1


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