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Friday, December 26, 2008

It's the most... wonderf.... oh, shaddup!

Yeah, I'm not feeling so festive this holiday season.

This has been a very trying month. No, I can't really explain. Listen, everyone's having a tough time at work these days... and I'm glad I'm still employed, which is no small thing at this time, in my business. life is entirely bipolar. The good stuff is really good. Great, in fact. I am unbelievably lucky and have had some big laughs this month. But the lows are really, really shitty and completely draining.

However, when I hit those lows (and I hit several sinkholes this week, highlighted by a moment in Whole Foods when I nearly burst into tears when it looked like they didn't have the Chocolate Decadence cake I was to take to Christmas dinner. yes, a little hormonal, on top of everything else!) I am doing all I can to remember that soon, there will be a high to counteract the low.

See, lucky. Not everyone has that. I get that. I do.

I've also been trying not to infect the festive people around me with my shitty attitude. Thankfully, I caught the key parts of "It's A Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve, so I could have a much-needed weep session.

I'm just beyond ready to kiss this December goodbye. C'mon, 2009...

At 27 December, 2008 15:01, Blogger The Savage said...

New year, new stuff. Here's to it getting bettah for ya....

At 28 December, 2008 08:03, Blogger buddha_girl said...

I'm with you, sister. Bring on the new year and leave behind all the shit from 2008. I loathe the polarific experiences in life these days.

I'm craving a weep session as well and am considering leaving Buddha with a babysitter so I can cry in a dark movie theater. Here's to better days!

At 30 December, 2008 10:18, Blogger Jon said...

I am with you


At 31 December, 2008 15:27, Blogger masgblog said...

ditto for me too. 2008 was pretty crappy in many ways, with a few uplifting moments. Let's hope for a better 2009.

Happy New Year, terry!


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