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Thursday, September 04, 2008

See, here's the thing...

I miss blogging. I do.

I'm trying to keep up with all your blogs, but sometimes, I only have time to get through my blogroll once a week.

And Twitter makes it soooo easy to "micro blog" (which really means, blogging for those with short attention spans).

If you're not already there, you should be. It's really entertaining... especially now that Fake Sarah Palin is there, along with Fake John McCain, and all the characters from "Mad Men."

What, you don't follow things written by fictional characters??

Anyway. I haven't abandoned this space... I just haven't had time for it lately. And Twitter is just so easy! (No, they're not paying me to say that.)

I leave you with this.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm now seeing on other websites that that turned-down proposal was staged. Still... pretty funny.

At 05 September, 2008 07:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten the Twitter bug yet, but it sounds fun:) Hang in there!

At 06 September, 2008 08:16, Blogger The Savage said...

I don't have time to twitter.... So I just blog regular-like.

At 12 September, 2008 07:34, Blogger sassinak said...

i can't get that into twitter, too many other commitments

but i visit you every now and then nonetheless!

At 20 September, 2008 11:18, Blogger Natalia said...

I am trying to make a comeback. We shall see how it goes.


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