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Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm jonesing already.

At 14 June, 2007 23:09, Blogger Jon said...

You get to go to all the cool places

At 15 June, 2007 05:10, Blogger Blondie said... much love for NY... ever think about living there?

At 15 June, 2007 06:59, Blogger Natalia said...

It's funny...when I was in NYC, it totally felt like home but I also took a realistic look at just how small and expensive the apartments are and wondered if I would give up my resort-like condo for all the livelihood of the city. Jury is still out. Maybe if I could spend half the time in each place. But NYC is a place that can be enjoyed fully only if you have money in your pocket and in your bank account...unless you are a student and don't mind the ramen noodle diet to afford the rent...cause a mortgage is not an option.

Sorry...I'm ranting.

Nice pics, though!


At 15 June, 2007 17:59, Blogger terry said...

jon, there are so many cool places i WANT to go to...

blondie, yes. more on that later.

nat, those are all great points. but already, i live in an expensive city -- second only to nyc, actually, in terms of cost of living. and do i really need all the space i have in my apartment? not really.

so... yeah.

At 15 June, 2007 20:30, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

It comes down to reality
And it's fine with me 'cause I've let it slide
Don't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside
I don't have any reasons
I've left them all behind
I'm in a New York state of mind.


At 17 June, 2007 11:18, Blogger Reg said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

At 18 June, 2007 07:05, Blogger SignGurl said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Hope your birthday was awesome!

At 18 June, 2007 14:06, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

"Livin' La Vida Dorka" looks like an OK life...

glad you enjoyed your trip, even if you are missing it now


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