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Sunday, May 13, 2007

What a difference a few hours make...

I have never been a morning person. It has always been easier for me to stay up late than it is to get up early, which is why I remember the early days of "Saturday Night Live" so well. It's not like I had a late-night social life when I was up until the wee hours in my early adolescence...

So it's always been amusing to me -- and quite torturous -- that for nearly my entire professional career, I've had to get up in the middle of the night.

Literally. For about eight and a half years, I got up at 1:30 a.m. to start work at 3 a.m. That's why it felt like such a big deal when I got to sleep all the way until 4:30 a.m. for several years after that, to be at work at 7 (this was in my public transit days, which accounts for that extra time). In the middle of the night, three hours makes a huuuuuuge difference.

But that difference didn't last long. I've still had to battle my circadian rhythms to fall asleep at a decent hour, and then to get up in the dark. But mine is a 24-hour business, and I knew that going in, when I was still young and bounced back easily from sleep deprivation.

Since starting the new job last summer, my wake-up time has been 5:30. Still far earlier than my body would like, but the latest since 1991.

Until now. I'm now starting work at 9:30. 9:30! My GOD. It's so strange to wake up for work AFTER sunrise. If I go out at night, I don't spend part of my evening fretting about how much sleep I'm going to get, because I don't have to get up until 7:30. 7:30! I can't tell you how amazing that is. That's almost... normal!

I've actually managed to get up early a few times to go for walks before work. That, though, is a challenge, because I just don't wake up quickly. You'd think that once I'm out the door and the blood is pumping, I'd be fine... but I still feel all bleary and lame for the entire walk. It's a struggle, but it's a necessary one.

Now, though, I'm doing that stupid adolescent thing of staying up as late as I can... so I'm still running the risk of shorting myself on sleep... especially since many times, I've awakened earlier than I have to -- it's much noisier later in the morning than I'm used to -- and can't get back to sleep. I think my brain is still having trouble adjusting to the notion of being able to sleep after sunrise on work days.

It's weird not being the first person in my building to get up in the morning.


Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned a visit from my friend Cindy, her daughter, her niece, and her hubby? I never said anything more about it, did I?

They were doing the college tour around the state (I can't believe the girls are about to be seniors in high school), and that's why they ended up in my fine city, even though Cindy and her husband don't actually want them attending school so far from home.

So even though it was raining, we took our mandatory trip to Ghirardelli Square for sundaes, and then dragged Cindy's hubby to the Haight, which he just loooooved. (hah.) Then off to Coit Tower, where we watched Cindy's niece Lindzey take a boatload of pictures of herself. I wish I had one to show you here, but apparently, she takes a lot of self-portraits -- with the camera above her, on an angle -- for her MySpace page.

Below is our attempted homage to Lindzey's photographic style, when Cindy and I got together in her hotel bar on that rainy night:

Yes, we look like freaks. Nice cleavage on Cindy, though.
The overexposed look is always flattering. So glad I have just a few grey roots showing.
Blurry and dark is good too. (I hadn't even had a drink yet).
Overexposed AND freaky!
I'm not sure the bartender understood why we turned down his offer to take our picture. I don't think he understands great art...

At 13 May, 2007 20:38, Blogger Laura said...

I am glad you had fun with your peeps...yeah, AT LEAST U GET TO SLEEP TILL SEVEN THIRTY! my god, I am usually at school by then! I hate school.

At 13 May, 2007 20:40, Blogger Laura said...

oh and lee does not work on fridays anymore?! what the hell am i gonna do!? I like to get my nails done the day before prom, so they are at their freshest. I can't do it on the day of, since I have my hair appointment(really thick hair, that is going to be worn down long time), make- up...etc. Ah!!!

At 13 May, 2007 22:12, Blogger terry said...

laura, i haven't gotten to sleep this late on workdays since you were a toddler! i'm still in shock.

and lee is preggers, so she's cut back her schedule dramatically. if vivian is in on that friday before, she'll do an excellent job... she's the owner...

when's your prom?

At 14 May, 2007 03:38, Blogger The Savage said...

It's that time for insomnia for me.... it's getting harder to get to sleep and harder to stay there.... blegh...

But thems some rather nifty pics ya took.... I like the blurry one.. but then thats how my world looks after this ammount of sleep... eh... five hours or so....

At 14 May, 2007 03:46, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

I believe you've pointed out a new trend in photography. The above-the-head self-portrait. That's a dissertation waiting to happen.


At 14 May, 2007 07:34, Blogger buddha_girl said...

I would bathe in chocolate if it was socially acceptable.

I'm so glad you didn't take that bartender up on his helpful offer. I think your shots are so much more artsy and REAL! HA!

At 14 May, 2007 07:44, Blogger Heidi the Hick said...

the last one is awesome!

I wake up before 6 every day for the pets to eat...but I always go back to bed til almost 7:30! I like to wake up sloooow.

my new year's reso was to go to bed before 11 and I blew it for the first coupla months but now I get ready for bed wehn the kids do, about 9pm, then we all read in my bed, then I kick them out and I read for another hour. It's working good. House is still a mess but I'm happier!

At 14 May, 2007 08:21, Blogger Natalia said...

When I was younger, I used to think that sleeping was a waste of time. As I have got older, I appreciate my sleep. A lot. Not to mention they say that if you sleep well, you live longer. So I am rethinking the snoozing thing.

But, that said, whenever I know that I have to get up early, my body has a built-in alarm clock and I sleep but lightly. I think I have a fear that I will oversleep.

And yaay pics.


At 14 May, 2007 09:12, Blogger Natalie said...

I couldn't imagine getting up that early for anything. The only times I am up at those unnatural hours are if I haven't yet gone to sleep. I wake up for work around seven and that is the earliest I can do, period. Any job that required me to get up earlier would be hell. That is one reason I am reconsidering teaching as a viable profession.

At 14 May, 2007 14:35, Blogger terry said...

savage, do you have a seasonal insomnia problem? i'm surprised you don't just conk out at night, considering how hard you work.

pirate, is this actually a trend? are others engaging in this style of photography?

buddha girl, i'm with you on the chocolate. (nice seinfeld reference, by the way...!)

heidi, good for you. i just find that if i go to bed too early, i'll toss and turn for a couple of hours. i figure i might as well stay up and not stress.

nat, i can feel my brain cells slowly dying when i don't get enough sleep. i admire people who can function well on little sleep.

natalie, that just means you're normal. but wouldn't you have to get up earlier if you were a teacher?

At 14 May, 2007 20:01, Blogger JMai said...

9:30? Colour me jealous! Of course I don't have to be at work at any given time; it just seems that I'm there ALL the time instead!

Love the pics -- particularly "overexposed and freaky!"

At 14 May, 2007 22:25, Blogger Jon said...

I would LOOOOVE to sleep until 7:30. Shit, I have to have my kids to my ex's by 6:50 so that Kev can catch his school bus. Then I am off for the Denver commute. I get to the office around 8:15 usually. Unless some asshole caused an accident on I-25.

Get that sleep Terry. It helps with the sanity... at least that's what I've heard

At 14 May, 2007 22:48, Blogger terry said...

jmai! you're alive!

hey, feeling like you're always there is even worse than getting to work at 0-dark hundred.

jon, it's a whole new world.

sanity? hahahahaha. i'm too far gone for that...

At 15 May, 2007 05:42, Blogger Blondie said...

OMG. If I had to get up that early, my life would be over. I'm so NOT a morning person. You look pretty, btw.

At 15 May, 2007 18:47, Blogger masgblog said...

I sympathize with your non-early rising. Technically, I am not an early morning person, although, once I am up I prefer to get work done earlier in the day rather than later.

Now, I can remember a time when I used to get up veeeeeeery early in order to catch the 6:50 am train. How in the world I ever did that is a good guess. I seem to have magically erased that from my lobes.


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