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Friday, June 16, 2006

You can't always get what you want...

...and boy, this week is proof of that.

Trader Joe's is still out of several key items I really need. It's been something like three weeks now. What the hell?

My favorite eye shadow color has been discontinued by my favorite cosmetic line.

I went to the MAC store this evening, and they were out of both shades of Lipglass I wanted to buy.

Oh, and? I didn't get the promotion I was vying for.

At the risk of Dooceage, I will simply say that I am deeply disappointed.

As a consolation, my duties are being shifted a bit and I'm being given a different job title, but... well... it ain't what I wanted (or believe I'm worthy of).

However, I will do all I can to make the best of the situation because that's how I roll. Rise to the occasion and all that.

It's been a rough week, as I've known this since Tuesday and couldn't tell most of my closest confidants, as they are also co-workers.

Hello, Karma? What's going on here?

At 17 June, 2006 01:09, Blogger DZER said...

Darlin' ... I'm sorry to tell you that Karma has been on vaction for about a week and a half, and won't be back for another two weeks.

sorry darlin' ... I just know you should be rocking the promotional title right now ... *smooches*

At 17 June, 2006 04:47, Blogger buddha_girl said...

One word: Ebay.

I've found TONS of MAC stuff on there that I can't find anywhere else. Hopefully you'll find your goods, sister.

I'll start my complaint letter to Trader Joe's after I have some coffee.

And the promotion...? I'm sad for you, but I'm hoping that this means something even BETTER is on the horizon! I'm sending you all the good karma I have to counteract the shitty stuff you're dealing with on the west coast!

At 17 June, 2006 10:33, Blogger nomadshan said...

Keep your chin up! I'm with Buddha_Girl - I think something better is going to coming for you, and sooner than you think.

At 17 June, 2006 11:17, Blogger sassinak said...

i feel like i'm on a train cause i was just about to say that i too think this just means better things are around the corner.

try out the new gig, if it doesn't suit then make decisions right?

At 17 June, 2006 11:51, Blogger Jon said...

Sorry about TJ's, the makeup, and the promo. They say bad things happen in 3s. It is going to be all good for a long time to come.

At 17 June, 2006 13:24, Blogger terry said...

dzer, i think you're right. this has been a weird couple of weeks for many people i know.
and thanks.

bg, nomad, and sass... thank you. i hope you're right.

it's tough to take, as many saw me as the shoo-in, and there were moments when i did too...but they chose to hire from the outside.

and jon, let this be the end of the bad things!

At 17 June, 2006 14:04, Blogger buddha_girl said...

I like how Jon thinks.

Now I can't wait to hear about all the MAC stuff, the apology letter from Trader Joe's, and how the outsider will trip and fall on the first day at work.

(See? Now I've just invoked bad karma for myself. Who loves ya, baby?)

At 17 June, 2006 14:14, Blogger terry said...

buddha girl, THAT made me laugh.


and it was funny, when i was at the mac store, when they were searching through hell and high water for what i wanted, and being all apologetic, i even said, "it's not you... it's me! i have a dark cloud with me this week!"

ahhh. where's my cocktail?

At 17 June, 2006 15:29, Anonymous Jeannette said...

So sorry for you. I'm with that's all done and gone, the future will be even better.

Hang in there, sweetie. I believe in you!

At 18 June, 2006 12:30, Blogger terry said...

thanks, jeannette. that means a lot. truly.

At 20 June, 2006 08:11, Blogger bg's Little Sis said...

I agree with BG, better things to come for certain. I can attest she found lots of MAC on EBAY, much more than she needed!

Jeannette said it well, we're all in your corner rooting for you, so that has to help on the karma end I think!

lots of love,

At 21 June, 2006 16:03, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

sorry i didn't get here earlier

things have been a little


in my neck of the woods

i am sad for you on the promotion


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