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Friday, June 09, 2006

Yaay, Friday!

Boy, am I ready for the weekend.

My neck is all stiff.
My hair is bugging me.
My heel hurts. I think I have a new bone spur.
I'm tiiiiiired.

But I work with some of the coolest people ever.

They caked me this morning! Not once, but twice! *

Mind you, these aren't your average cakes, either.... but gluten-free ones (even my intestines are high-maintenance). And they're beyond yummy.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm on a sugar/caffeine/cacao high, from this extraordinary slab o'chocolate from Whole Foods.

It's just the thing I needed to get through these last few hours of the work-week.

*no, today's not the big day. i'll tell you when it's here.

At 09 June, 2006 15:51, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

that was highly thoughtful of your co-workers

i hope your weekend is a good one

you deserve some fun

At 09 June, 2006 18:16, Blogger buddha_girl said...

OMG I LOVE Whole Foods.


I'm jealous and happy at the very same time!

I'm SO glad you had a good time with your cakie kids. Good times!

At 09 June, 2006 18:44, Blogger Jon said...

I think it's awesome that you will be missed by so many. I miss you and I've never really met you (but I still owe you that sidecar).


At 09 June, 2006 19:34, Blogger nomadshan said...

mmm...slab o'chocolate...

At 09 June, 2006 20:12, Blogger terry said...

cadbury, they're a thoughtful bunch. i'm a lucky gal.

bg, i don't hit whole foods that often, because there's another organic market in town that has a ton of stuff for me...and it's cheaper. but that chocolate decadence cake of theirs is TO DIE FOR.

jon, where am i going??? do you know something i don't??
and i'll take you up on that sidecar...

nomadshan, as one co-worker said, while trying the slab, "who needs gluten???" nothing wrong with pure chocolate.

i brought some home, and by the time i got it here, it was a big gooey mess. so it's in the fridge now, reconstituting.

At 10 June, 2006 07:13, Blogger DZER said...

happy early birthday darlin' ... that is the day that's being celebrated, yes?

At 10 June, 2006 10:46, Blogger sassinak said...

yeah it's amazing how cakes can do that if you don't keep them chilled as long as they want... and yet still?

soooo good

At 10 June, 2006 17:34, Blogger terry said...

thanks, dzer... and yes. that's what the caking was all about.

sass, i think cake (or chocolate) in any form is fabulous. i almost opened the box to scoop some out after i got home, but remembered i'd already had 500 pieces of cake yesterday, and didn't really need to have more.

however... today's another day...


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