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Monday, April 10, 2006

Tossing and turning...turning and tossing...

...on just another average Sunday night with very little sleep. And I was so tired when I went to bed! That's so frustrating.

Then again, I do have a lot on my mind these days, and that didn't help. Nothing I can write about right now, but suffice it to say it's all about those Big Life Questions. What am I doing? Where am I going? How can I make my life what I want it to be? What do I really want?

Also not helping with the sleep? My ex-husband turned up in a dream. I hate when that happens, even though I have come to realize that he doesn't really represent himself when he turns up in one of my dreams; he signifies "relationships." Hard to make that go away, considering that we were together for nearly 15 years. Still. Get the hell out of my psyche, assclown!

Despite the restless night, I had a really good weekend. The wedding I attended on Saturday was so nice. The setting was lovely, and thankfully, the weather was clear, so no dramamine was required. The bride was stunning, everyone seemed really happy, and it was clear there was a lot of love in this crowd. As the Queen of Cheese said, "I love love." It's nice to see it on display.

And luckily, I made it through the evening without sweating off my false eyelashes or falling on my ass on the dance floor. Even when we were out in a rough part of the bay.

Yesterday, I got to watch the Sharks beat the pants off the Dallas Stars in the most aggressive hockey game I've seen in person. No big fights, which I keep waiting for, but it was close. All sorts of penalties! Sticking! Tripping! Roughing! One guy narrowly missed getting his face sliced open by an opposing player's skate!

And it was really funny when, after a sticking penalty, my friend the Season Ticket Holder says, "Bleed!!" I didn't realize that making another player bleed doubles your time in the penalty box. You learn something new every day.

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

At 10 April, 2006 20:41, Blogger JMai said...

Hehe, assclown. Now THAT is a fantastic word!

Weekend wedding sounds lovely. I know what QoC means ...if you're in an ok place (alone or coupled), then it's truly special to be a part of that kind of celebration. I really enjoy watching and being around happy couples. Gives me hope.

And I hope you work out those Big Life Questions so you can finally get a good night's rest!

At 10 April, 2006 22:11, Blogger Jon said...

You and I think about a lot of the same things, but your husband was not in my dream.

I haven't gone to any Avs games this year. What is wrong with me?

At 11 April, 2006 02:34, Blogger DZER said...

it sucks when you can't sleep ... I've had those tossy-turnies before ... bleah

read my blog right before bed ... it's so boring it'll make you pass out and doze soundly ;)

At 11 April, 2006 07:06, Blogger Suze said...

How is it the moment your head hits the pillow you become wide awake. My eyes can be closing and I feel myself drifting off to sleep but soon as I lay my head down, wham.

I think the problem is we think too much. I'm gonna have to try and be more of an airhead. LOL.

At 11 April, 2006 07:44, Blogger terry said...

jmai, seeing that kind of love gives me hope too. despite the pathetic state of my life in that department..!
and i wish i could claim credit for assclown. i don't remember where i first heard it, but i love it!

jon, i'm glad to hear that my ex wasn't in your dream. can you get him out of mine??
oh, and? go sharks.

dzer, shut up. your blog never makes me sleepy. hungry, yes...

suze, i know EXACTLY what you mean! and i don't think it's possible for you to become an airhead.

At 11 April, 2006 20:10, Blogger Jon said...

How about I try to replace him with me :D


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