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Friday, September 02, 2005

There are no words...

I mean, really. The horror is just stunning. I can't imagine what those poor people on the Gulf Coast have been enduring this week. And even more stunning is the government's response, and in particular, this administration's comments about the catastrophe, and those who are suffering the most.
The head of FEMA should resign, for starters. I can't believe the Bushies were able to get people to actually APPLAUD for him this morning.

And haven't we spent the last four years -- since 9/11 -- improving homeland security and emergency response plans? Is THIS the new and improved version? If so, I am TERRIFIED.

But I have some new heroes. The mayor of New Orleans, for one thing, who's not afraid to say exactly what he thinks. And CNN's Anderson Cooper, for his interview with deluded Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. Details about both, here.