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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hey, I'm NOT crazy!

Well, not about this, anyway.
Remember those hens I saw downtown a couple of weeks ago? Check this out, from yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle:

Rec & Park confirms spy Sam Osborn's report of chickens at Ferry Park, at Davis and Washington. The barnyard birds have been there for about a year and a half, says Rose Dennis, after being rescued by a kindly gardener who intercepted the four hens and a rooster on the way to becoming chicken soup. He brought them back to a small space in the park he was tending, built them a pen and has looked after them since. (Hey, they were running around freely, and not in a pen, but whatever - tc)
Rec & Park knew about the birds, and animal welfare authorities had inspected and found them in fine fettle. But a few weeks ago, says Dennis, "some young executives who need their zzz's'' and were "having trouble with the cock-a-doodle-doos'' lodged complaints. Since then, "we have been working to humanely relocate them.'' Dennis is sympathetic with the sleep-deprived. But she notes that many neighbors have become quite fond of the hens (you know, a kind of "Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" thing for flatlanders), and the place was "a kind of Shangri-la for the chickens.''
The petting section of the San Francisco Zoo is a possibility, as are star turns at the farmhouse at the Golden Gate Park Children's Playground. "We are listening to all sides,'' says Dennis.