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Monday, August 15, 2005

Rage, rage against the dying of the light....

....with the dye-ing of the hair.
I confess. I'm completely freaked out by the amount of gray hair on my head. And it's getting more and more aggressive by the day. I just had my hair colored three weeks ago, and already, I have a ton of white roots. WHITE. Not even gray... WHITE! If I let those roots grow in, I think about 90% of the hair on my head would be white.
You know what doesn't help? The lighting in the bathroom at work was apparently designed to highlight the white roots on my head and to make me look as pasty and gross as possible. Seriously. Is there some theory that holds that people will be more productive at work if they're horrified by the sight of their reflections in the bathroom mirror??
But I digress.
Now, if I were really cool, I WOULD let it all grow in and be one of those great women with salt and pepper hair.
But as you know, I am so NOT cool. My vanity has doomed me to a life of chemical processing.