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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hot town, summer in the city...

I know... I know..... I probably say this every August... but GOOD GOD, it's been foggy this summer! I know... I know... it's foggy EVERY summer, especially in my 'hood... but I think the difference this year is that we went straight from winter/spring stormage right into summer fog without much of the sunny, beautiful weather we usually get every spring.

I am a heat wimp. I'd much rather have chilly days than the hot weather that's baking much of the rest of the country (hell, the rest of the Bay Area, even.) . And I realize that what's "hot" to me is simply "nice" to normal people.
But jeez... can someone turn off the wind machine for awhile? And bring the sun, even for just a couple of days? When we were walking back to my home after dinner Friday evening, Kim remarked that she felt like she was back in Minnesota. In the winter. Yes, it was pretty freaking cold. And windy.

The poor tourists. We see it here every year -- misguided visitors who thought they were taking a summer trip to California, so they only packed shorts. They're the ones with the blue legs, trying to figure out why every cable car is passing them by, even though they're standing at what's supposed to be a cable car stop. If they brought warmer clothes, though, they'd put the city's entire ugly souvenir sweatshirt industry out of business.