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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cuchi, cuchi!

I know.... the same title was used on The Realm today, but how else can you start a story about the one and only Charo??

When I booked her to come in for an interview, I thought it would be hilarious and totally cheesy, but I honestly had no idea the woman would be so friendly and so warm. She came into the newsroom and immediately made the rounds, greeting my co-workers, doing a little of her patented "cuchi cuchi" dance. I've never seen ANY of our guests run around here like that. People, the woman is 64...!
It was a riot. She was a hoot on the air, but I think it's fair to say she was just as much fun OFF the air, especially when she told us how happy she was the night before, saying "fuck" on stage while judging a Charo look-alike contest. (Apparently, her audiences are typically more... uh... CONSERVATIVE.. than the people who turned out at Trannyshack.)
She hugged us, she did the double-cheek kiss thing, she was adorable!
Whoda thunk she'd be such a delight? I'm totally serious when I say this: she brightened up our whole day.
By the way... the woman looks FABULOUS.