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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yippee, skippee!

My bathroom... is DONE! Well, almost. I have no towel rods, and I'll betcha they forgot about them... so I left a little note about they are (allegedly) painting my bedroom as we speak.
I can't even tell you what a luxury it was to put things in my bathroom... you know, like soap, shampoo, a toothbrush, my blowdryer... and to LEAVE THEM THERE when I was finished using them. Oh. My. God. Three weeks of nomadic life in my own home... over!
Assuming they really DO finish my bedroom today, I'll be schlepping all my rugs to the laundromat....then dusting and mopping the hell out of everything.... then rehanging pictures and other decor... then moving my nightstands back into place.. hey... wait a minute.... I HATE HOUSEWORK!!