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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Impulse control...

I have none.

Not only was I was born without a biological clock, I was also born with little to no impulse control.
How else can I explain yesterday's purchase of tater tots?
They're organic. And contain no trans fats! So they're good for me, right??

If I had any impulse control, I wouldn't have spent another $120 on clothes the other night. (I got two pairs of jeans, two cute tank tops, a shrug, and two bras for that money, though, so I don't feel THAT bad. In fact, that's quite a haul, now that I think about it.)

If I had any impulse control, I wouldn't even be considering buying this bag. I want it for this big fancy Oscar party I'm going to on Sunday night (more on that later) and I KNOW I'd get tons of use out of it (the picture doesn't do it justice -- it's SOOO cute, and perfect for so many outfits). But still. $68 bucks?? I reeeeeaaallllllly want it...

If I had any impulse control, I would probably be thin, always sober, have all my bills paid on time, and never fool around with inappropriate guys.

But I don't think I'd have as much fun.
Well, maybe I would, but I'll never know.

At 01 March, 2006 10:42, Blogger Michael B said...

get the bag...fill it with tater-tots...take both to the party and share!!!!

At 01 March, 2006 11:00, Blogger terry said...

thanks for being my enabler, michael!!

At 01 March, 2006 14:56, Blogger DZER said...

impulse control is overrated.

long live tater tots! heh

At 01 March, 2006 16:17, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

that bag won't fit enough tots.

get a bigger bag.

At 01 March, 2006 19:13, Blogger terry said...

dzer, i feel the same way... except for those times i feel like maybe i shouldn't have had that last drink...!

and cheese, this will not surprise you -- i bought the purse, and there's loads of room for tots!
maybe i just need a velcro-close pants pocket, tho...

At 01 March, 2006 19:44, Blogger Chelle said...

LOL YAY for you for buying the purse!!! You need to indulge yourself every once in awhile..dont ya thnk? hehe :)

At 01 March, 2006 22:32, Blogger Jon said...

You deserve to treat yourself. Don't stress about it. As for the tater tot's... ketchup or not?

Actually I like to have tater tots and pour chili and cheese over them.

OK, now I'm hungry

At 02 March, 2006 06:47, Anonymous Jeannette said...

LOVE the bag! Glad to hear that you bought it. You deserve the damn thing. Look at how much you saved shopping the other day.

I'm with Jon on the chili and cheese. Yum!!!

At 02 March, 2006 10:42, Blogger terry said...

the problem is, sometimes i indulge myself TOO often...! but this bag is SOO damn cute, and they're going like hotcakes, as they didn't even have one in the store for me -- they had to pull one out of the window display.

and i prefer my tots to be unadulterated, so i can fully taste the salty, potato-y goodness.


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