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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good thing I didn't do anything stupid...

maybe not so much
i'm told there may be a wife
at least in one case

At 19 October, 2006 14:28, Blogger The Missouri Savage said...

Sorry to hear that
You deserve better, babe
There is one out there

At 19 October, 2006 14:38, Blogger terry said...

thanks, savage... though the verdict's not yet in on the other guy...

At 19 October, 2006 16:39, Blogger JMai said...

saucy little minx!
you never said there were two
maybe sparks indeed!

At 19 October, 2006 17:38, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

missouri savage
Is Wise Indeed, he is right
all you need is one

re: your other entry

FART Power!!

At 19 October, 2006 17:39, Blogger terry said...


i hinted at it
when replying to comments
but i still don't know

At 19 October, 2006 17:40, Blogger terry said...

oh, yes, cheesy one
all it takes is one good spark
but is it a spark?

At 19 October, 2006 22:22, Blogger buddha_girl said...

The wife hider should be sent to have a conversation with me.

The other possible spark had better be a good one. You deserve only the best!

(No haiku. I can't count syllables right now.)

At 20 October, 2006 05:42, Blogger bg's Little Sis said...

well for cripes sake, I hope #2 has lots of sparks

At 20 October, 2006 06:50, Blogger DZER said...

if it's not a spark
then perhaps all that's needed
then is a hard spank?


At 20 October, 2006 13:57, Blogger Angela said...

ooops...a maybe wife
when there is maybe something
is surely not good

At 20 October, 2006 20:58, Blogger terry said...

wife hider... buddha girl, you crack me up.

to you and your sis i say... if there's no real spark with #2, that's fine. really. what's meant to be will be.

dzer...! you perv.

ang, you are correct. so i am done there. that is territory i will not enter.


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