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Thursday, December 08, 2005

My secret's out...

I am a Trader Joe's addict.
Until a few years ago, I thought of TJ's solely as a place for specialty foods, or stuff you'd serve at parties.
Then, Miss Cheese enlightened me, informing me that they now sell just about everything you can find in your regular grocery store (and much more). For a lot less money. A LOT less.
So I became a regular (and fanatical) TJ's shopper.

The problem is, though, the store that's closest to my home is also the busiest in the entire chain. I had to time my visits properly so that I could park my car without a ten-minute wait -- I couldn't go right after work. I couldn't go on Mondays. I couldn't go anytime just before or just after a holiday.
Then I'd go in to find that some item I desperately needed was out of stock. Not to mention, a former co-worker of mine was working there, and let's just say I didn't enjoy him putting his paws on my food. It was becoming a less-than-pleasant experience to shop there.

So I was overjoyed a year ago when TJ's opened a new store in the city, even though it's farther from home. It's big. It's got lots of parking. And best of all, it was NEVER crowded or out of anything I needed. It was worth a longer drive to shop there.

Now, suddenly, it seems a whole bunch of other TJ's addicts have discovered MY store... and are buying up all of my favorite gluten-free bread. And much of the cereal. And crowding the parking lot. It's so very, very wrong.

At 08 December, 2005 10:42, Blogger Jon said...

That's a bummer... sort of

We don't have TJs here. Maybe someday.

At 08 December, 2005 13:59, Blogger terry said...

it's SUCH a bummer. make them go away...

and you're missing out, without a TJ's. seriously.

At 08 December, 2005 15:37, Anonymous Jeannette said...

We don't have TJ's here either and does it stink. I remember discovering it when we were first married a billion years ago and that's how we stayed on a small grocery budget. We were, at the times, big fans of Chihuahua beer similar to Corona, but cheaper. When Joe went out to CA last year, he brought a case of 2 Buck Chuck home and everyone LOVED it.

At 08 December, 2005 18:08, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

I like the hamburger buns.

At 08 December, 2005 18:28, Blogger terry said...

jeannette, two buck chuck ROCKS. seriously. love the cabernet! i've had worse wine that costs more, that's for sure.

and miss cheese, i just remembered... it wasn't hamburger was the pesto! you sent me there for the pesto when costco stopped carrying my fave. i shall be eternally grateful.


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