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Sunday, March 01, 2009

If I just got played...

...that was a really good game!

Details to come, but let's just say there's been a long (to me) gap in communication that's left me completely baffled. And a little surprised.

What's that old saying, about if something seems too good to be true, it probably is? Yeeeaaahh.

At any rate, in a week I'll be in New York City, so that's my focus right now. And I can't wait to get there!

At 02 March, 2009 08:07, Blogger buddha_girl said...

I say let loose in NYC. Shake it off!

At 09 March, 2009 08:11, Blogger Reg said...

Amen sister! I know exactly how you feel! Have fun in NYC!

At 09 March, 2009 10:17, Blogger Sriram said...

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At 23 March, 2009 23:26, Blogger Jon said...

I am patiently (well, almost) waiting on an update... either here or otherwise.


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