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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fighting a losing battle...

I hate housework.

You already know how much I hate doing laundry. But I hate all housework. All of it. And my apartment is a dust magnet. I live on a busy corner, I have lots of windows that don't seal properly (the building is nearly 100 years old, after all), and hardwood floors. So there's always a light sheen of dust in here...though more often, it's much more than a light sheen. There are dust bunnies so large I could name them and tell people they're my pets.

Last week, I did a major housecleaning. I got rid of the giant piles of crap that were overflowing on my dining room table (why do my 401K plan and my HMO send me so much shit? that i should file? or at least, destroy in such a manner so as to prevent identity theft??? aren't we supposed to be a more paperless society??), I took a bunch of old computer equipment that was cluttering up my dining room to a recycler, and I even moved some furniture so I could clear the thick layers of dust underneath. I was so proud. And the apartment looks really great. It almost looks like a grown-up lives here (though there ain't no grown-up you well know.).

But here's the thing: now I'm doomed to constantly clean. I'm so frigging neurotic, I don't want to put ANYTHING on my dining room table now, not even for a day. And when I start to see the dust gather, it really, really bugs me. And there's no winning the battle with the dust. I could dust every day, and more would gather within a matter of minutes. I need to become more Zen about the dust. Dust is inevitable.

Just wait until I get to the closets. Then I'll really be in trouble with the neurosis. More than I was before I started to clean this place up.

At 30 October, 2005 21:59, Blogger Jon said...

I just did a major cleaning the other day as well. Mine was in prepaation for my girlfriend eventually coming over. Well that finally happened today, and what happened, she found food that had been expired since June. I can't f-ing win!

At 31 October, 2005 10:22, Blogger terry said...

was the food at least in a place where food belongs? like, the kitchen? we're not talking about old food under your bed, are we??


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