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Thursday, November 03, 2005

An evil holiday...

Hallowe'en should be banned.

My concern is not the pagan-worship blah blah blah aspect of the day. Nor am I terribly bothered by the pressure to come up with a clever costume.

No, my problem is the piles of leftover candy that end up at work.

I know. Just say no. Mind over matter. I have the power.
And in truth, I'm allergic to a lot of it, so much of the time, I can just ignore it.

But today, a bunch of candy turned up that contains no gluten...and I think I've had about 500 little pieces of chocolate. Give or take 100. My tastebuds have been numbed by all the sugar.

Hey, can I just say I've been experimenting to see how I'll react to chocolate, since I seemed to be having some issues last week?
That's it! I'm stuffing my face with mini Three Musketeers and Hershey bars in the name of science.

Yeah. I think I know what that "battle" mentioned in my horoscope was about -- me and my willpower.

Well, the "good" news is that I don't feel like puking, like I did last week....
I guess that's good...

At 03 November, 2005 16:33, Blogger Angela said...

I just raided Ole's halloween candy after seeing that Laffy Taffy... I am a bad, bad mom.

At 03 November, 2005 23:43, Blogger Jon said...

I am with you 100%. I have 2 huge piles of candy in the house that I have no idea what to do with. I am going to have to take some to work.

Terry, you need to adjust your profile. Your counter and view site stats is covering your picture.

Talk to you soon.


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