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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An ethical dilemma...

The scene: a major national department store, where you can buy everything from lingerie to gardening tools.
I was there yesterday to stock up on exciting essentials like deodorant, soap, shampoo and the like.

I spotted a really cute coat that's everything I've been looking for this season, and, at $69.99, it's $50-100 cheaper than similar coats I've been eyeing in the catalogues I get. I hadn't really budgeted for it, but experience tells me that when you see something like this, you'd better buy it... because it probably won't be there the next time you set foot in the store. So I decide to cut other items from my shopping list to make room for it. Cool.

When I got to the cash register, I opted not to put the Fabulous New Coat on the grody conveyer belt, because, well, it's my FNC, and I don't need any leaking food or motor oil getting on it. But I started to hand it to the cashier, and she motioned for me to put it back down in my cart.... indicating she'd scan it last. I go to swipe my card, and when the total comes up, it's wrong. She hadn't charged me for the coat. I point this out, hand the coat to her again, and she scans it. I have to swipe my card again, for some I did that, then started fishing around for my keys and stopped paying attention to the transaction.

It wasn't until I got into my car and checked the receipt -- to make sure I hadn't been charged twice, since I swiped twice -- that I realize that I still hadn't been charged for the coat.

Here is my question: should I have gone back in to ask them -- for a third time -- to charge me for the coat? Am I now a shoplifter? Have I just invited some bad karma into my life?

What would you have done?

At 01 November, 2005 08:34, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

I would feel guilty about it, intend to say something next time I went, then forget about it.

I don't think its bad karma. I mean shit you tried.

I wouldn't go back in after I left either.

I had a similar situation at Trader Joe's and I felt funny about it for awhile. but i got over it.

I know!! you can give one of your older, but still nice coats to a homeless person who might want it!

At 01 November, 2005 22:42, Blogger Jon said...

Karma is on your side this time. You did the right thing and you were rewarded for being the great person that you are ;)

Enjoy the coat. You deserve it.

At 02 November, 2005 05:19, Blogger Michael B said...

look forward to our first cold morning...cause the gods have given you a warm coat. enjoy.

At 02 November, 2005 07:46, Blogger terry said...

thank you all for your support!

even my mom is with us on this one.

and the coat is damned cute.

At 06 November, 2005 12:04, Blogger Godot said...

Karma aside, consider yourself fighting the man, one missed purchase at a time.

At 06 November, 2005 12:07, Blogger terry said...

ha! i like the way you think, godot..!


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