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Sunday, November 13, 2005

All weekends should be three days long...

In fact, this one's been so nice, I'm going to try to pretend that Shrub and Bill O'Reilly didn't just make some of the most moronic comments of the year.

Friday's whirlwind tour of the city with my friend Sherri and her kids was fun...except for the rain that wasn't in anyone's forecast. So glad I didn't have any of my 400 umbrellas with me. Then again... when was the last time you rode a carousel in the rain?
It was also amusing to learn that Sherri's 13-year-old daughter has a beau. I feel very, very old....
We'd also wished we had a dollar for every USC sweatshirt we saw -- didn't realize the Trojans were in town this weekend for a game at Cal. Apparently, their entire fan base was in the city on Friday.

That night, I went to the North American premiere of Cirque du Soleil's latest show, "Corteo." It was amazing. Truly. I don't know how they come up with their ideas, nor how these performers do what they do. The only problem was that my regular theatre date Patti and I had recently seen another troupe, Cirque d'Eloize, that pokes a little fun at Cirque du Soleil in its amazing show, "Rain," so it was hard not to snicker at some of the more high-concept moments of "Corteo." We also went to the after-party, thinking we were so cool to be able to go. Guess what? The party was not so cool. Just a large throng, hanging out, waiting for something interesting to happen. It didn't, so we bailed after a little while (and a couple of free cocktails, of course).

Last night, my pal Cynthia and I saw a local sketch comedy group, Killing My Lobster, which was hilarious. That's another thing that amazes me -- people who are able to write and perform really funny material. And do it twice a night.

A lovely weekend. And back to the grind tomorrow.
(I shouldn't complain; this is the only full week I'm working this month....)