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Monday, September 12, 2005

News of note...

Check it out: Anderson Cooper's making news again... here too...

And here's an interesting story I picked up on Yahoo News:

Three-quarters of British women over 40 reckon sex is better now than it was in their 20s.
A survey found that 77 percent enjoyed sex more in their 40s -- and rather than slowing down, 45 percent had a greater sexual appetite than when younger.
Sixty-nine percent of the women surveyed felt more sexually adventurous than ever before and 66 percent felt more confident about their bodies than in their younger days.
The survey brought bad news for would-be toy-boys, with just 33 percent of women over 40 preferring a younger man, compared to 51 percent going for someone their own age.

Yeah, but the question is... do the GUYS our age have the same appetite? Same spirit of adventure?

At 12 September, 2005 14:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh heh 69


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